Cidelli Mobilya Aksesuar

Cidelli Furnishing & Accessories, is now one of the leading companies among its field of center table, nesting table, side table and table production with its own production methods, ultimate design ability and expert staff. It became a leader by means of design and production within its field because of its service quality, research and development efforts and dignity. Continuing operation in their own production facility located in İstanbul, Cidelli puts wide range of products into your service.

We produce most of the center tables, nesting tables, side tables and other tables as design registered. Located close to Modoko region, Cidelli Furnishing & Accessories reinforced end table group production with deep knowledge and designs, continues to offer services in many various products as an expert in accordance with its own methods. Since its foundation, the philosophy of Cidelli is to keep and develop its qualified, reliable and competitive position in either domestic or foreign markets by developing their own design and production methods.

The years of experience has ensured Cidelli Mobilya ve Aksesuar to take place in many huge investment projects. The works outlined here and made in the past years are our biggest assurance for the ones that are still in process and that will be targeted in the future.

Cidelli Mobilya Aksesuar
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